Sipoo Agricultural Museum

The agricultural museum gives you an idea of how land has been farmed throughout centuries and how each season has brought different tasks, always centring on the horse. Among other things, you will find a coach, saw and transport tools, various harrows and ploughs as well as newer sowing and harvesting machines. One of the rooms tells you more about Söderkulla’s agricultural school and workshop. Another corner features tools used to produce substitute products during times of need.

The museum building used to serve as a loan granary, where farmers deposited grains in good crop years. In years of crop failure, grains could then be loaned out for consumption and seed. Interest was paid for the grains loaned, and so the granary was like a bank.

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Museum info

Kuninkaantie 19, 04130 Nikkilä (beside the new church in Nikkilä)
+ 358 40 5307753, +358 50 599 4522
Opening hours
Sunday June 4, 2017 13:00-16:00 Sunday July 9, 2017 13:00-16:00, Outdoor church service in the churchyard 12.00 - 13:00 Sunday August 6, 2017 13:00-16:00 At other times by appointment
Entrance fee
Free entrance. On group appointments 2 euro/ adult
Free guidance
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