Museum Guide Uusimaa 2011–2012

Museum Guide Uusimaa website was produced in a joint project by Porvoo Museum, Provincial Museum of Western Uusimaa, Helsinki City Museum and Loviisa Town Museum. The project was coordinated by Helsinki City Museum.

Project was funded by Uusimaa Regional Council’s regional development fund.

Website showcases museum in Helsinki-Uusimaa Region. Western Uusimaa museums are shown on their own site which is linked to the Museum Guide Uusimaa.

Museum Guide Uusimaa contains data from the National Land Survey of Finland Topographic Database 06/2012.


Contact: Eero Salmio +358 40 751 6831 / eero.salmio[a]



Team: Mia Aitokari, Synnöve Bergholm, Mari Myllynen, Eero Salmio, Peter Sjöstrand, Ulla Teräs, Pia Wilhelmson.

Content: Mari Myllynen, Kaija Keränen, Synnöve Bergholm, Peter Sjöstrand, Eero Salmio, Tove Vesterbacka.

Russian translation: Vitaly Kuleshov

Production, Layout and Graphic Design: Fantomatico Oy

Technical implementation: Grip Studios Interactive Oy

Museum Portal of Western Uusimaa: Kroma Productions Oy


Joining the Museum Guide Uusimaa

All museums from Helsinki-Uusimaa Region are welcome to join our site. Joining is free of charge.

Only requirements for a Museum are that it has a permanent collection and it is achievable to the public.


If you want to include your museum, please contact your regional museum

Eastern Uusimaa: Porvoo Museum synnove.bergholm[a] / +358 (0)19 574 7523

Helsinki and Central Uusimaa: Helsinki City Museum eero.salmio[a] / +358 40 751 6831

Western Uusimaa: Provincial Museum of Western Uusimaa peter.sjostrand[a] / +358 (0)19 289 2505


Museum itineraries

Museum Guide itineraries will provide you with ideas for one-day trips as well as longer holidays. Itineraries will take you to museums and other cultural history sites. The museum pairs are the shortest tours and they consist of two museums located close to each other, making it easy to visit both on the same day. Bicycle, train, car and maritime itineraries are longer and require more time.

Do you have an exciting idea of a new itinerary or is there something missing on our current itineraries? Tell us your idea on our feedback form.




threshold max. 2,5 cm / gently pitched ramp / the width of the doors at least 85 cm / wheelchair lift

Accessible entrance

threshold max. 2,5 cm / gently pitched ramp / the width of the doors at least 85 cm / wheelchair lift

Childcare room


Partly accessible

Some areas of the exhibition are not accessible.

Disabled parking

Close to the stepless entrance a parking space that is at least 3,6 m wide and 5 m long, indicated by a disabled sign.

Accessible toilet

the width of the door at least 80 cm / free space for turning 1,5 m / next to the toilet seat at least 80 cm space

Induction loop

a system that helps deaf people who use a hearing aid

Additional lighting available


Guided tours for special groups by request

plain language, sign language, audio description

Devices to borrow

e.g. wheelchair or rollator walking aid

Accompanying person admitted free of charge